Covid Policy

Stay Safe and Connected

Keeping our mental and physical health, while protecting others and ourselves is challenging.
At Natural Flow Yoga we are committed not only to follow the government regulations, but to provide the most welcoming and sheltered environment for your practice that is possible at the moment.
We look at the following regulations as opportunities to keep being connected and safe at the same time so please help us to adhere to them.

Booking and Cancellation

Before booking a class please always read our actual Covid Policy carefully. It might change on a regular basis depending on how the current situation evolves.
Before booking please also read all mandatory information that our booking system provides you. You will be asked to confirm several statements about your health condition before you can proceed with the booking.

If you or somebody you got in close contact with show any symptoms of cold or fever please cancel your bookings as soon as possible. Our booking system will provide you a cancellation window of 8 hours before the class starts as per our general Terms and Conditions.
As we would like to give as much support as we can in these situations if you are cancelling your class because of the reason above, but you missed the cancellation, please get in contact with us via the email address and we cancel it for you and give a full refund.

Bundle Cards and Memberships

Our Bundle Cards and Memberships are valid for a certain period of time. However as we would like to give as much support as we can in the current situation if you are not able to visit us for a longer period due to health or pandemic reasons, please get in contact with us via the and as an exception we can put your subscription on hold and extend the expiration time accordingly.

Face Masks

As per government regulations, at the moment wearing a facemask is not mandatory but strongly advised while moving around in the building.
During the class it is not needed to wear the mask, we can provide you with a clean plastic bag to store it if needed.

Arriving and Leaving the Studio

Please arrive as close to the classes’ starting time as possible without risking being late. After your class, please also leave the building as soon as possible. This will help us to avoid having a leaving and an arriving group of members at the same time. We have a 30 minutes window between classes to ensure the safe and comfortable departure and arrival.

Our studio is on the first floor of a bigger building. After you enter the building please immediately take the stairs on your left as the other part of the building is used by other service providers. Only enter the Studio itself if our host or teacher is present. If our host or teacher is not present please wait until you are let in with keeping at least 1.5 meter distance from other participants. There is a small waiting corner in front of the studio where you can leave your coats and shoes. The required distances will be marked in the waiting corner and on the stairs before. If you cannot enter with keeping the 1.5 meter distance, please wait on the stairs until the other participants enter the Studio and leave the area.

Never enter the studio with shoes! When you leave your shoes and coats outside please make sure they are put/hanged in a way they do not touch other member’s belongings. You can take your valuables inside the Studio and place them on dedicated storage shelves separated from other participants' valuables.

When you enter the studio our host or teacher is going to guide you to your place within the studio. Please always use the dedicated walking paths within the studio. At the moment only 3 groups of 4 participants can practice in the studio. The areas of the different groups will be marked with different colors. Please always stick to your assigned place and group. If you arrive together with others from the same household please let our teacher or host know about it, so you will be assigned to the same group.

When you settle at your assigned place you feel find a small basket with a cleaning rag and soap based spray for mat cleaning, hand sanitizer, and back-up plastic bags for storing your facemask during the class. Please use these before and after the class accordingly and only use the ones that are in your assigned place. We kindly ask you to use the hand sanitizer first before starting to use the other objects.

After the class finishes please do not leave your place immediately but rather wait for the teacher’s instructions so you can leave the studio in one group at the time.

Changing room Shower and Toilet

Unfortunately at the moment using the changing room and the showers are not allowed. Please dress the way that you can wear the same clothes before, during or after the class or you can change them on the spot in an appropriate manner.

There will be a small changing corner available in front of the studio where you can leave your coats and shoes, and you can keep your valuables inside the studio separated on dedicated storage shelves.

We have several toilets available in your right after you enter the building, however we kindly ask you to only use them if necessary.

What should I bring with myself?

Please keep in mind that while we do provide studio mats, it is mandatory to use your own mat towel or yogamat on top of these.
If you do not have a mat/mat towel or you forgot to take it with you, you can buy high quality yoga mats and towels with various designs at the studio.
In order to support our members during this time our yoga mats are available for purchase at a reduced price of 15€ for rubber-suede (instead of 25€) and 25€ for cork-tpe mats (instead of 40€). Mat towels and waterproof mat carrying bags are also available for sale.

If you would like to use the yoga pillows of the Studio please make sure you have an extra cover or pillowcase with you that you can use to cover their surface.

Last but not least, please make sure you always have your face mask with you together with a closable bag that you can place it in during the class.

Policy Summary

  • Always read the latest Covid Policy before booking/visiting
  • Only book if you have no symptoms
  • Cancel your classes if you face any symptoms via the booking system or in email
  • Bundle card and membership validity can be extended one time in case of pandemic related issues
  • Face masks are mandatory before and after classes.
  • Always wait for the teachers’ instructions before removing your mask.
  • Keep your face mask in your own closable bag during the classes
  • Arrive and leave as close to class time as possible
  • After entering the building immediately take the stairs on your left to reach the studio
  • Never enter the studio in shoes
  • Before entering the studio wait for the teacher to have a place assigned to you
  • Do not leave your assigned place during the class without letting the teacher know about it and use the dedicated walking paths
  • Keep 1.5 meters all the time from other people from different households
  • Make sure your belongings are not touching other people’s belongings when you place them in the dedicated places
  • Changing rooms and showers are not allowed to be used
  • Please only use the toilets if necessary
  • Bring your own mat and towel (various mats and mat towels are available to be purchased at the studio)